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Bandit! Monthly

Women's Monthly Band ONLY

Women's Monthly Band ONLY

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Get an Exclusive watch band every month! Each box includes a sticker to go with your exclusive band! 

What to expect when you sign up:

You will be charged the day you sign up for the monthly subscription, Following the first draft you will be charged on the 15th of each month. All bands ship by the 5th of the month. Whatever date you sign up you will receive the following months box. 



These watch bands are NOT brand certified, this is just the strap, no watch is included. 

Please note that colors may vary, not every order will be the exact same. Due to the material of the watch band being silicone it is normal to have slight fading/fall out of the engraved area. Instructions are included in band purchase.


We REQUIRE a cancellation request email sent to at least 14 days PRIOR to your draft date. This gives us time to get your draft stopped PRIOR to your pull date. If you do not give us 14 days your cancellation request will go in to effect the following month. 

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