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Hi! Welcome to Boxed Boutique. Meet MaudiReyanna (Mod ee Ray on na) we call her Maudi for short! She is 13, in 7th grade and attends our local online school program. Maudi makes all her own products.

Boxed Boutique is completely run by Maudi, of course she is still young so this is an addition to Boxed NW!

Most of you don’t know a lot about Maudi. Maudi has 2 heart conditions, she can’t run around like normal kids. She gets tired faster, and she gets weak. Maudi also has Epilepsy, mostly in her sleep but sometimes during the day. Here is the part that kills me to talk about. Maudi’s legs go paralyzed, she doesn’t like using her wheelchair because she is stubborn. So if you see us out and she is sitting it’s probably because shes having issues with her legs.

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